Lot’s Cave

Sunday, 20 November 2011 11:12 administrator

One of the most significant archaeological discoveries in Jordan is the location of Lot's Sanctuary near modern Safi. For decades, guided by the Madaba mosaic map of Palestine, which pointed to the existence of such a site, archaeologists have searched for ancient Zoar. Here, Lot and his daughters are believed to have sought refuge in a cave after God destroyed the city of Sodom, according to the book of Genesis.

 The cave is on a hill near a tiny spring, overlooking the Dead Sea. A dried pillar of salt nearby is supposed to be the remains of Lot's wife, who disobeyed God's warning not to look back as she fled Sodom. A beautiful Byzantine monastery, the complex by the cave included a church with mosaic floor and an inscription which mentions the name of Lot, with living quarters and burial chambers. The place has been inhabited long before, as artefacts from 3,000 BC are proving.